DAY 1 living with Gestational Diabetes

After a stressful day yesterday, and enjoying a 3.5mile walk with my hubby, and an amazing dinner of quinoa with kale, mixed greens, broccoli  and tomato pesto sauce (no sugar) I was ready for a nice rest and a new day.

Waking up I was hungrier then usual I think because I knew I couldn’t eat what I wanted to for breakfast. Yogurt with granola or a fruit and protein smoothie or anything that I can’t eat now! For my protein and fat I made hard boiled eggs and mixed them with avocado and pico de gallo seasoning. For my complex carb I had malt o meal, lots of iron and no sugar. I even enjoyed a tea on the side. That wasn’t so bad after all. I dropped Brendon off at school and went to shop for groceries for my new diet.

Shopping for groceries when you have to read ingredients isn’t fun and it can be down right sad. I knew I had to skip the bakery, I knew I had to ignore the smell of what I’m pretty sure was fresh cinnamon rolls made just to taunt me. UGH WHY SPROUTS WHY hehe! I walked to the nuts, healthy fats. Then went to buy some fish, chicken more meat etc.. Whats funny is before I was pregnant I only ate fish for my meat, no mammals, but I honestly don’t think I could survive on a vegetarian or vegan diet right now. Do you have any idea how much sugar & starches are in your vegan food vegans? I then got a bunch of complex carbs and veggies. I love sprouts because they have all these pastas that are brown rice, and bean, and edamame. YUMM! I googled a few recipes:


Summer Vegetable Linguine 

Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls 

Apparently theres a WHOLE FACEBOOK PAGE:

Gestational Diabetes Recipes 

This shouldn’t be as bad as I thought and the more research I do the more I find out that I don’t have to deprive myself just to maintain my blood sugar levels. OK so I’m going to have my lunch of organic chili with no sugar and mineral water. I don’t feel hungry yet, I had a handful of nuts for a snack. I think I will be ok! I just wish I didn’t have to go on an amazing trip to Australia and watch what I eat and what am I going to eat on the airplane? I have my appointment Thursday so I’ll keep you posted, I’ll also keep you posted on ideas for packing snacks when traveling since this may be tricky. I am already thinking about packing a few meals for the plane. This shouldn’t be that tricky if I just plan ahead, and after all I did want to get more organized this year!

XO Rachel

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