Hey mamas, lets start by talking about how adorable the above photos are. I found them online and had to share, it’s baby wearing around the world.

I cant speak enough about how much I LOVE TO WEAR MY BABY! Ill take any carrier or sling right now that she fits in and wear her all the time. Honestly, I have become obsessed with it. There are so many reasons why its amazing and why you moms out there who are stuck on strollers should try it.

Baby Wearing promotes bonding

This may be the #1 reason for me on why I want to wear my baby. Your baby is kept close to you, warm next to your skin or shirt and can smell you. It promotes trust and attachment. Also according to numerous pro-baby wearing sites it makes baby more secure leading to feeling more secure later in life.

Your hands are free

Your hands free, need I say more. From the tired mama who’s been dealing with cluster feeding (hello me) to the mama who has other babies to care for (I don’t know about this one yet) you have free hands you can use. You can actually do stuff while wearing your baby. Think about all the extra things you can do while your hands free! For me its been my zen and a dream!

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 3.03.06 PM

You can nurse while baby wearing

With your hands free to do whatever you need and your baby in a sling you can actually nurse on the go! You can walk and nurse, you can multi task and nurse, you can cook, clean do whatever you need while nursing when wearing your baby. Most carriers are even discrete enough so no one would even know your nursing your baby, you can pop out a boob and no one will judge you. For me this makes my life not only easy but when your dealing with cluster feeding and you just cant handle being couch locked you can take your baby on the go while giving her whatever she needs.

Sooth your baby

My little one gets hiccups when she is kept laying down or in a swing. However, when I put her in her carrier she burps and then doesn’t have hiccups anymore. I don’t think this is a coincidence. She also LOVES the motion of the baby carrier and walking, the bounce and the fresh air put her right to sleep. Literally if she is crying I will put her in her carrier and go out and walk within 2 minutes she stops crying and is happy. This is also my go to for when I want her to take a nap. I think some babies like constant movement and I was super active when she was in the womb so I assume this reminds her of being in the womb. Also apparently research shows that carried babies cry 40-50% less!

Keep away the germs

Carrying your baby will not only help to keep them healthier but it will help to discourage people from touching baby. Carried babies are less likely to have strangers touch them and also less likely to touch strange things! Which means your more likely to be a happy mama. Seriously though, when your baby is being carried close to your body people are less likely to approach you and try to touch your lil angel. Also when you are out and about you can worry less about coughs and stranger sicknesses.

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 3.02.31 PM

Long story short mamas theres a million reasons to wear your little one. I actually don’t know why mamas everywhere aren’t doing it all the time. Don’t worry about doing the baby wearing thing right all the time, I have had my fail moments especially with a popular wrap, names not to be mentioned, starts with a M ends with a lot of confusion! So I use it in my own way. I love my Ergo Baby so much it was a baby shower gift I literally can’t rave enough about it. One of my girl friends loves her Honest wrap more then anything and she’s a NY active new mama. I walk around my LA neighborhood a lot since Adora hates her car seat and the Ergo has a pocket for an extra diaper, wipes on the go, hand sanitizer, my money, keys and phone. The ergo is super sturdy and you feel safe with your baby and it’s comfortable for mama, and it has a sun shade which doubles as a people shade too. The wrap is good for wrapping around the house and nursing. I also have the Pumpkin pouch which is good for nursing while sitting or lounging but not for walking. The infantino swift is great for a quick trip since its so light weight and you can stuff it into your diaper bag and use it when your out and about but its not good for long days or trips since it doesn’t provide amazing support for you or the little angel. They however, offer various carriers for all your needs.  I also use the swift like a swing when nursing or a seat when she’s sitting on me.

Good Luck with your new little ones and share your baby wearing stories, secrets and favorite ways with me so I can try them also! 

starting back at the ole’ work out routine!

Game Night

Well lets start by DONT WE WISH LADIES that above photo was us post baby! Lets just say for me THE STRUGGLE WAS REAL!


I thought in my head that after baby it all just melts off, your body just goes back to normal or some magical body you had in your 20s. Well, I’ll start by saying don’t I wish that I had a “night nurse” a “nanny” and unlimited funds to make this easier, but I’m just a normal girl with just as many struggles that I assume everyone faces post baby, even the lucky ones with unlimited help. Struggles including body, body image, and feeling back to normal even when you have a small creature(that you love so much and is adorable) attached to you 24/7. I think for me my brain was shouting at me to refuel my sprit and body by getting out being active. I am a very active person and you face so many changes between pregnancy and right after birth that can lead to negative feelings and even the happiest person can get stuck in a rut. I am super happy and positive, but even I started to had a hard time adjusting. So for me getting into a routine and schedule has really helped and being active even just feeling like I have accomplished something has made me feel so much better and made this a more exciting and positive experience. I also want to state that I didn’t do this because I wanted to loose weight I did this because I want to be healthy for me and baby, and mentally healthy. It makes me feel good. I think its important for new mamas to do what personally makes them feel good and happy we need to take care of ourselves too ladies!

Back to baby, for the first 2 weeks after baby I couldn’t even think about working out all I thought about was when can I get an hour to sleep. Then I got used to the schedule and things maybe started to feel like I could get back into a work out routine. At around 3 weeks, my legs were so sore from sitting on my bed and not stretching I KNEW if I didn’t get back into the gym soon or have some sort of athletic activity I would be done-fur. Have you ever felt so lazy and cabin fever so bad you start to feel like you just want to go for a marathon run, yes well I felt like that. I was tired but I just needed some sort of activity in my life. So my amazing hubby and I worked out a schedule I pumped as much as I could and I went to the gym. It felt like a day at the spa! NO REALLY I KNOW YOU THINK IM cRaZY but for me it felt like a day at the spa. I decided to take it easy for my first day back 10mins on the stair master and 20 minutes on the elliptical 15 minutes of yoga and head home. I made sure to drink extra water because I am breast feeding and I brought a snack for right after the gym incase I felt sick. Let me tell you, the energy I felt right after was so amazing also. It was so nice to feel so good and so normal and healthy!


This was at the one month mark! YAY!!! Working out at the gym for about a week every other day and walking at least a mile every day. I accomplished the walks by baby wearing.

MY DAUGHTER LOVES BABY WEARING!  You can baby wear and exercise with your little one, you can baby wear and walk. They even offer workout classes while baby wearing with other mamas. I call baby wearing the second womb, they are close to you and they can hear your heartbeat and nurse when they want. Its like its the 4th trimester, yes this is a thing, new moms you know what I’m talking about! The 4th trimester is the time outside of the womb with new baby, and apparently it lasts for the first 3months!


So back to working out- Well I have been back to the gym now for about 2weeks. Mostly working out at the gym. I bump up my workout each workout and try to push myself a little more. I tried doing the firm one day and it was so hard. I really think when I used to tell myself it wasn’t hard that was a lie to myself. Also when I was doing the weights and the stupid butt lifts I thought my body was going to fall apart. So I tried running, new mamas I peed myself, like a lot. It was awful I was out running over a mile in and it got really bad… it was bad before a mile but I thought it would stop… nope it didn’t! I peed myself so bad I had to turn around and it was dripping down my legs oh my! I was like this junk didn’t even happen when I was pregnant, but now of course when I want to start back at running. I get the motivation to go run and the energy and this happens. What a nightmare. Well I guess I gotta do more keegles before I venture back out onto the open road. For now its just elliptical, stairs, yoga and some light rowing. I’ll keep you posted on my routines. New mamas have you had issues or did you wait to workout?

In conclusion working out is a process post baby. You can’t expect to have the energy or drive you had pre-baby. You can’t put any expectations on yourself or your body. You will firm up and you will get better every workout but remember its not some sort of challenge or some sort of immediate thing. Its a process and its called working out because you have to work at it. On the days you don’t feel like working out then you don’t have to mamas, we are working out by not sleeping and breast feeding but if it makes you feel better to workout then do what you can put it in your calendar and try to make it happen. If your like me most of the time you can make it to the gym and you’ll love it! However, if your like me you may have days when baby won’t stop crying, you can’t pump enough milk to fill a one ounce bottle or even you think you would rather spend an hour sleeping then walking, eating or doing anything!




Mothers Day and my baby is 1month!!

Hi mamas & friends I hope all you mamas had a good mothers day!

WOW! ONE MONTH & MY FIRST MOTHERS DAY! I never thought this day would come! We’ve passed the 72 hour no sleep phase, the 2 week breast feeding curve, the 3 week cluster feeding growth spurts and I feel back to normal-ok who am I kidding I feel ADJUSTED. When were going through it, it seems like every second drags on but then just when you think you can’t take anymore it eases up.

She starts to sleep longer during the night, she takes naps during the day and you adjust to breast feeding – no more sore nipples.

It feels like yesterday Adora was born but it also feels like we’ve had her here forever. My friend Brittany told me when I was pregnant that my hubby and I will wonder what our lives were like before her, she said we will ask ourselves what did we do before her. It’s so true what did we do before baby? What did we do with our time, with our sleep, who were we before Adora came into our lives? The answer seems to not even matter now because we have her and she brightens our lives. The silly petty things of life don’t even matter anymore.


Honestly, we spend our time just staring at our baby 24/7. Ever little move and every little coo we jump over. She just started smiling and my heart melted. Our phones and cameras are filled with pictures of her just sitting there or just sleeping. We think all day what does she need should we let her sleep, should we entertain her, put her in the baby gym?

Even our puppy Benz has changed since she came into our lives. He won’t leave my or Adora’s side. He won’t even go out more with Dad because he feels like he needs to be with Adora all the time. We gave Adora her first bath in the baby tub and she was screaming she did not like it at all, Benz came over to us at the tub and started whining and acted like he was saying “why can’t you guys take care of her, I don’t want my new sister crying”. It’s pretty cute when your puppy even wonders what he did with his little puppy life before her.

Every time we look at her we can’t help but smile. We can’t help but think how lucky we are that this beautiful, precious, innocent little baby girl dropped from heaven into our lives.

We say that no matter what, when were tired or cranky or upset we just look at her and everything in the world is ok.

When I am exhausted, because well a month of not sleeping on a normal schedule, and sleeping on my side with boobs out and ready to nurse, I just look at that adorable smile and hold her and its ok. I think I don’t need sleep. I don’t need to do all these extra time fillers or activities to take up my time, I have my family and thats the most important special thing in the world. My little, young, new, growing family is starting to feel complete. When you have a family they say your life changes and that you can’t understand until you have babies, it’s true! You don’t understand until you have that baby that needs you so much and loves you so deeply, when they look at you like your their whole world. You are their whole world and even just having you close to them makes their little heart happy, Its so pure.

So one month wow! Talk about don’t blink! It goes by so fast and it’s only been a month, I can’t imagine how quick this will feel in a few months. Everyone says treasure every minute because you can never go back and the older she does get the more I notice that truth, and it’s only been a month!

We learn more about our babies every day. We learn their faces, we learn their schedules, we learn their potty routines. We’re starting to learn about what each cry means and that cute little guppy face when they are ready eat, UGH, that guppy face or woodpecker as Brendon refers to (it’s called rooting), It melts my heart. When she cries and I pick her up and she makes that face and starts “wood pecking at my chest” hahah its pretty special and we will never forget that memory. We won’t forget any of these moments and the fact that we are the ones that are responsible for teaching them everything about the world. It is a special gift they give to us that every mom knows and a special thing they teach us about our world.