Adoras first – network prime time – TV appearance :)

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thats us on the front cover of the episode 🙂 What an honor! 🙂


Adora Borealis was born to two very competitive former big brother houseguests! Rachel Reilly Villegas & Brendon Villegas, for those of you that know our story we met on season 12 of Big Brother went on to win season 13 of Big Brother, went onto Amazing Race as an engaged couple and placed 3rd then went on to amazing race all stars as a married couple and we placed 3rd again! For us CBS has been our lives for the past 6years!

What an adventure it has been! Between meeting, falling in love, traveling and having a little baby its been a mini fairy tale mixed with sitcom dramady for our little family. Brendon is also working a PhD while all this is going on.

When we met and fell in love we KNEW we wanted to have little babies. A whole house full of little ones, were still working on the house full right now Adora is filling up our lives. Naturally, we had to announce the pregnancy on Big Brother and also introduce Adora to America on Big Brother! When they asked us to participate in this package we couldn’t have been more excited. As a giddy mom I just couldn’t wait to show off my little angel and as a fun new mom I wanted to wear matching outfits and share a really cool experience with Adora.


First things first-WHAT TO WEAR? This is the major question all you girls out think about when you have something exciting coming up. Being a new mom I wanted to match my lil’ peanut and Brendon had to coordinate with our outfits. I searched high and low for matching mom and baby outfits and I actually had a hard time finding ones to fit in with my style.

Above is what I found! I was gifted the green tule baby skirt and paired that with a one I found down town in LA, I found the two matching skirts downtown from JayVee kids and we found the Paris and polka dots online. The outfit we choose matched so well and looked great on camera so we picked the khaki and flower print skirts with black tops and complimentary necklaces (below). We had to take in the skirt and cut it shorter for her, but that was great because we used the extra fabric to make head bows. We then had dad wear a black top with us, we had him try on 4 different styles of red tops but none of them looked as good as the black so we did black. Brendon is a good sport and supports us so it isn’t that much of a struggle to get him to do these shoots with us.

The camera team arrived around 10am. Adora and I were getting ready since 7am between feedings and getting dressed with newborn in carrier I knew it would take a bit longer.

Getting Camera Ready with a Baby:

Getting Adora ready is super easy a quick bath which she loves anyway, a good feeding after bath a clean diaper and a onesie to wear until you are ready for camera. Make sure not to dress baby until you are ready or you risk getting your outfit dirty or spit up on or anything. For us moms to prepare for any type of getting ready with newborns I suggest scheduling an extra hour a good carrier and a little swing. Adora loves the fisher price take along swing. We were passed down the swing from aunt Allyson and she loves it. When doing my hair she will sit in the swing and play with the toys and lights for about 15minutes, then its hold me time so the carrier really comes in handy. I don’t want her near the loud blow dryer or the hot curling iron so I try to keep her occupied as long as possible. During makeup time she will outward face and I just speak to her about what I am doing the whole time so she feels engaged. I even ask her if mommy should wear this color on her eyes etc. Makeup brushes end up being chew toys so just make sure to wash them off before you hand to baby. hehe Also don’t think you need to add lip gloss or mascara to make your little one look cute or pop, they are babies they will do this naturally. I have seen what poor little ones with mascara look like and its not pretty. (at auditions all the crazies come out)

Camera arrived and we thought best to film Brendon first since Adora needed to be fed. However, with set up and him filming it ended up being almost 1 before they were ready for us. 1pm is Adoras nap time so she wasn’t happy. I wished I would have thought about this first.

Naps & Feeding:

Moms if you plan on filming anything or doing photo shoots, think about nap schedules and feeding schedules. Right after baby naps and eats they are usually the calmest and will look the best on camera. Trust us!

So we let her have a little nap and we were off to location two. She was so darn cute at the park I think she enjoyed her self and it came across on camera.

Toys & Enjoyable locations:

Moms if you plan on filming or photo shooting think of toys and fun spots for baby. This really does come across on camera. When she’s happy you can tell and nothing is cutter then a baby who is laughing!

Filming with a little one shouldn’t take all day and it can’t last to long anyway. So after our second location and some B-Roll footage we were done! 🙂 Thats a wrap for Adora and an experience we will never forget! And for a fun unforgettable photo shoot or video shoot just think and plan ahead.


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