Hi my name is Rachel – you probably came here because you recognize me from The Amazing Race, Big Brother, Fear Factor, WeTV, or … maybe you follow my many adventures. I like being a mom and furry mom, wife life, healthy living, cleaning, religion, science, DIY, thrifting, upcycling, yoga, physical therapy, aquatic therapy, sister stuff, camping, hiking, the outdoors. Yes, I have a lot of interests. If your like me then you do too! I have a background in chemistry and am working toward being a DPT currently. I work in reality TV and game show casting as well as on camera, and my passion is unscripted television.

In 2016 I had my lil #Brenchelbaby, Adora Borealis. My husband and I have a very unique story – we met on reality TV and not a dating show! We met on CBS’s Big Brother 12, got engaged and I won Big Brother 13. We traveled around the world twice on the CBS’s Amazing Race, and were never eliminated ;). Our wedding aired on WeTV. Oh and we won the Reality Royalty episode of Fear Factor on MTV. Needless to say we have an interesting point of life view. My whole family is involved in reality TV, my sister was also on Big Brother, won Americas favorite and she and I also competed on Amazing Race and have been on other things together. We’ve done a lot of unscripted television!

Currently my husband and I live in LA. Dr. Brendon works in Lung Cancer Research at UCLA and I work in Casting, among other things, and Adora she works too, she’s a model/actress. I am also part of the Van Nuys Neighborhood Council repping district 2 because all reality TV personalities get into politics right, jk I want to make a difference in my community and neighborhood. We like to plant trees, do neighborhood cleanups, and save beaches and parks.  I am also the ambassador for green yoga and ecotourism- yes that’s a thing! We like science, to hike, camp and to try all the events in LA and love free events, so if your traveling to LA or live in the city follow my IG: @rachelereillyvillegas.


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