Travel 7months pregnant across the Pacific!


How often do we see this #babymoon, by all the pregnant couples on instagram or twitter? WELL Brendon and I are no exception we totally took one too! We had won a trip on the amazing race back in 2014. The trip was to Australia great barrier reef staying at the amazingly beautiful Hayman Island so we had to take it. We planed on taking it for a graduation trip when Brendon was done with school, but it was going to expire so here I am over 7months pregnant and half dreading traveling across the ocean for 18hours (Cue monkey with eyes covered emoji) or miss out on the trip of a life time.

Well you know how adventurous we are so WE WENT! Thank you Travel O City!

Travel across the ocean for 16hours straight flight was NOT FUN I won’t lie to you. Delta was amazing but completely full from the way LA to Sydney, how many people travel that in January? Apparently ALOT because they were sold out 100% how crazy right. So Brendon and I had an isle and middle seat. Pregnant ladies do yourself a favor and if you can afford it just upgrade to the seats that are sleepers you will be doing yourself, your baby, and your hubby a favor. We had done long flights on the amazing race in coach and I honestly would have a glass of wine watch a movie and pass out but this time was different.

One big difference was my food because of my diabetes I couldn’t really eat the airplane food and I couldn’t have the snacks they offer (cookies, chocolates, really depressing for me). So I packed a pop-it container full of raw nuts, I brought nugo slim diabetes friendly protein bars, and some cuties(the little oranges), tuna packets, and lots of water! I went through over 4liters of water … YES 4 LITERS of water on the plane I was nervous for the baby to not have enough water. I also got up throughout the ride to have more water, thank goodness they provide bottles and cups. I literally got up every hour to walk around stretch and just stand up. I also wore these amazing pants from Victorias Secret they are the high rise so they fit over the bump and they are SUPER fitted and more comfortable then compression socks because they go all the way up. I also bought the maternity compression panty hose from motherhood maternity, but to be honest they were AWFUL they ripped just by me pulling them up and they didn’t really hold up under wear. I actually wore them just on the way up there before they were split. I really like the pants tho they fit all the way over my bump and they were tight and made me feel more comfortable on the plane, I worry about DVT! (deep vain thrombus)

Long story short the baby moved around a lot I don’t think baby liked the flight it was long, but I MADE it out alive! haha I wouldn’t really recommend it if you can avoid it, but if you really want to go on a super long flight over 28 weeks then bring water the essentials and prepare to not sleep the whole flight. I actually slept for the rest of the day when we arrived in Sydney until the next day we were so tired. Without being super long winded the flight home was about the same as the flight to Australia, long, and I had on the compression socks to be safe since my panty hose had ripped. They didn’t do anything for me so I wouldn’t recommend them either, just the VS pants they were tight enough.

Essentials for travel on long flights over 28 weeks:

some sort of compression gear (I picked the VS pants and wore maternity hose)

bottles of water (LOTS you will get thirsty and you don’t want to have to run out)

Snacks (especially if your on a special diet-but even if not you will get hungry)

something to take your mind off the plane (I brought my kindle)

ear buds and belly buds (i felt like the baby could listen to peaceful music to soothe)

of course your neck pillow/blanket/and wedge for comfort esp. in economy

Stretch every 2/3 hours & try to get up and walk around a lot (I did every hour)

oh and if you have anxiety (like me ugh) then just breathe and practice relaxation techniques.

You WONT sleep maybe an hour but not much more so be prepared for downtime when you arrive

You Will feel baby move a lot so be prepared for that

You will feel pressure on your belly but all the Drs say this is ok and normal/ Also that it doesn’t hurt baby

Don’t worry b.c that gets you no where and you’ve already decided to go, just sit back and enjoy!

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