DIY PHOTO SHOOT with new babies


As all you thrifty mamas out there know, photo shoots can get expensive, and new babies change so much. You want to capture all those special moments and you want photos that you can social media brag about but also that you can print and send to family and friends that looks professional. Well thrifty mamas have no fear its not that hard to do. You actually don’t even need to invest thousands of dollars now make it look good. With all the new technology out there sometimes the easiest thing to point and click is your iPhone or Android device. After all we’ve all seen the billboards with photos shot on iPhone 6.

Things you need for good professional looking baby photos:

Something to take photos with

Good Lighting – natural or studio

Easy baby props


White Blankets or Sheets (white is all the Instagram rage)

Heated room or heated blanket

Free OR good video editing softwarebasics

The trick here is to get your babies in cute poses with good natural lighting hitting them.

When taking photos of Adora, Brendon and I set up a white foam board backdrop by the window. We place a white blanket on top of our dog Benz’s bed and we place a heated blanket under the white blanket if its chilly. When babies are warm they will be more relaxed or fall asleep. If your doing a newborn photo shoot you want them the to fall asleep. Notice the foam board in the photo below make sure to get even shadowing.

We focus on Adoras eyes and make lots of noise and squeak her toys and sing to her.

Another option for photo shoots is to set up an area with a blanket backdrop.

See what we did above. With Adoras one top photo we used a white blanket on chairs and then edited it out. With the bear photos you can see how we edited out the background and made it look like she was in a white room. With Foresters set up you can see we used a bench and placed a white blanket and props on top. Alot of times you will have to use multiple photos to get a look you want.

Our theory is to take a bunch of photos and one or two will be the one you love. Babies aren’t always smiley and sometimes just taking 10 photos in a burst will be the best options.




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