SO HOW CRAZY is it that Adora is one year old! I literally cant handle it!!!! Last year she was this lil nugget:

Now she’s a big girl, that walks talks and has a big girl personality. But this is for another post. This post is about Adora’s first Bday party and how I DIYed it!

So for first birthdays you get lost in your thoughts and ideas, at least I did. I didn’t know what I wanted to do or how to do it. I picked the location first and started there. It was an easy location since we live in a complex with playgrounds and BBQs. I think a first birthday in a backyard, or park, or playground is ideal. It’s easy, there are activities built in for the older kids and even the 1yrs, and let’s be real the party is all about mom and dad at this age, so it’s a affordable option to get your friends together for a good BBQ. However, you can get decorations carried away. This is where I got lost. I went to a bday party of one of Adoras friends and it was so cute and pintristy that I knew Adoras’ had to be just as perfect!!!! I didn’t realize sometimes I’m a pintrist mom on the boards but a youtube what not to do in real life! Since Brendon reminded me of this and I know myself I thought I wouldn’t get so carried away for her first. Plus add family coming in, buying a house, working and you have a recipe and need to call in an event planner, but on a back yard budget. So we did what we could, and I think it turned out really cute!!!!!

Like I said I knew I wanted to use the playground space we also brought out our tunnel, babies love that, and our T-Pee to make it more fun. I wanted to make the space all about the birthday girl so I made the oversized ballon arch. We decorated the table with lots of girl colors and used the fairy adventure theme as our guide. I found a great tutu easter basket and used it to hold the plates and silverware, I made the cake topper with my silhouette toothpicks and string. We did cupcakes so people could take and go, and fruit and flowers to make it more girly and party like.

The babies were gifted wings, flower crowns, and oversized bubble wands! I wanted them to have gifts to take away that they could play with at the party, and also play with at home.

I LOVE TO DIY! I made the tent above, so when I realized my flower crowns that I had ordered weren’t coming in time, we decided to make them! Guys I almost DIYed the cupcakes I bought fondont and was ready to go, Brendon convinced me this was NOT a good use of time. I also DIYed the ballon arch. I was going to order one but they are like 250$ to have made in LA so I was like ya know what, I’m going to make it! The rest of the decorations were from the 99 cent store! Were on a budget this year but even if we weren’t I think that it’s a great place to find affordable birthday party decorations. Oh and my sister was a hater on this but I went driving around LA and cut pretty wildflowers for the table. Don’t judge, they look really pretty and I got a lot and they were FREE!!!!!! 🙂 I also made Adoras costume and flower crown, which I thought looked AMAAAAAZING I was most happy with Adoras outfit, but I spent the most time making the crown. Even if she doesn’t look super happy — she looks SUPER CUTE in this photo! IMG_6303

Materials for DIY ballon arch:

balloon arch kit : I got mine in downtown LA but you can buy one online

140+ 4″ round balloons : you can vary colors but you will use about 140!

Mylar letters :  for the arch air blown

TIME : EST 3 hours more if your hubby doesn’t take the baby out while your putting it together


To start you have blow up and tie all the balloons. Then you take a pink and a purple and tie together (Two balloons end by end tied together) Then you would take two sets of the two and twist them around the arch creating a square of 4 balloons secured onto the arch. Once this is completed you repeat and adding the 4 new balloons on top of the other four. I started with each side and met them in the middle. Then we attached Adoras name onto the balloon arch in silver myler balloons and we hung the giant 1 on the Tpee.

There you have it the first birthday party made simple. Now just add some friends, good food and you have your self a great yard BBQ!  🙂

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