Babys Frist Kicks

I wish I could say a date, I forgot to record one, but it was MAGICAL! I remember feeling a little flutter back in the 3month and thinking WOW thats the baby moving, but of course you can’t really be sure at that point. babykicks

They say you can really start to feel baby at month 5 maybe 4.5 for first time mommies. Don’t freat if your waiting because once they come baby oh baby do they come! They feel like they never stop and baby doesn’t care if your sleeping…baby doesn’t care if your in the middle of giving a talk or a meeting…baby just wants to kick away for fun I think, so you know they are there. They call everything a kick from a turn to a hand punch to a stretch to an actual kick. I think I can spot the differences now at 7months. I can feel a soft wave when the baby seems to move and a jab when a kick or stretch is happening, I also swear I felt a hand move the other day. Even if its in my head all these movements do feel differently and are all exciting, and to be honest sometimes I do like to feel the baby move just because I want to feel baby is in there and healthy.

At week 28 Brendon and I decided we wanted to track babies most active times. The internet, doctors, and almost every source I’ve read says that baby kicks the most with changing blood sugar levels. Also that if you go for a walk or a hike its as if your rocking baby to sleep, so remember that if you’ve had a big meal (HELLO THANKSGIVING & CHRISTMAS & NEW YEARS). We wanted to monitor kicks to make sure baby is developing at a normal pace and also because well its pretty adorable to feel and experience, and an added bonus its a great bonding time for you and your partner. So according to Count the Kicks; the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends noting the time it takes for your baby to make 10 movements. You should feel at least 10 movements within a two-hour period. We noticed that our baby kicks the most around 10:30pm and again in the morning around 6/7am! She also has normal movements an hour after meals or anytime I eat a sugary snack.  She moves when I move around in the night so maybe she’s waking me up all night, I can’t tell, I’ve had a rough time sleeping on my sides. ( What I wouldn’t give for some back sleeping about now). Its fun to monitor so ask your OB is you can! 🙂

Xo Rachel

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