Low PAPP A? First Trimester Screening


Ok SO WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Should I be worried? Is my baby healthy? Whats the next step? What can I do? Did I do something wrong? Do I need to worry about more serious complications? Will my baby have developmental problems?

These questions and a MILLION others popped up when my OB told me my test results came back with a low Papp-A. I know what your thinking a bit freaked out right… US TOO! But DONT WORRY, well thats what my OB said DONT WORRY she told me “Rachel your NT Nuchal Translucency looked good and so does your other tests. At your last ultra sound your baby was a good size and weight so we just need to monitor growth from now on.  Its in your placenta.” We were past the 24 weeks mark so thank goodness we didn’t have to worry about that. Baby is developing at a normal rate and growing so were good there, we just have to monitor me more closely from here on out. WELL THAT WAS SSSSSSCARY! Of course I found a million links on the internet and got lost in eye-guzzling way to many websites, ladies don’t do this, the best thing to do is get information from a doctor and move on. Go to yoga or walk around the park, take a hike if your up for it, but I notice with me that the less stress I have and the more I focus on being healthy baby and I feel great!

So I found this SLIDE SHOW –> Genetic Testing in Pregnancy if you really want information its done by a doctor and has good information on all first trimester screening. Obviously it doesn’t have all the answers but you can ask your OB questions, it helped me as a reference tool.

Ill keep everyone posted on birth weight of brenchel baby, but not to worry so far no signs of any thing that would be a problem. I keep taking my tests for protein in urine and high blood pressure and everything looks good every month. The UCLA doctors and OBs are amazing. I see them on a monthly basis.

Ill update y’all when I have more information! 🙂


xoxo Rachel


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