Gestational Diabetes week 1

Well the first week was a doosey! I cried and was tired and sick for 3 days straight. HOWEVER, my blood sugar went down to the 70s in the mornings and then the 80s after meals! YAY! I just couldn’t do anything except sleep and cry and had headaches and it was just awful 😦

After about 3days I felt so much better! I was confused that my blood sugar went up maybe because my body equalized out? I’m not really sure since I don’t really understand blood sugar and diabetes. I stuck to a really strict diet since I got my test strips on Thursday.

Day 1 MEALS: 2 egg whites w/avocado mashed up like egg salad  w/malt o meal: Brown Rice Ramen noodles w/salad greens : Pho Brown rice noodle soup with veggies SNACKS: cheese sticks, salad, oatmeal bars

Day 2 MEALS: oatmeal, powdered peanut butter(less sugar & fat), chocolate nibs : edamame noodles  with parmesan cheese and greens : Brown rice salmon salad SNAKCS: cheese sticks, banana, greens, oatmeal bars

Day 3 MEALS: eggs avocado : Chicken w/Cheese : Greens, sausage, tomatoes, eggs SNACKS: cheese, greens, banana, oatmeal bars, grapefruit

Day 4 MEALS: Brown Rice Raman, Salmon, Mushrooms : Banana, cottage cheese, oatmeal bar : Chicken & Steak fajitas with 1 corn tortilla SNACKS: none

Day 5 Breakfast: Oatmeal, chocolate nibs, powder peanut butter

Now day I have ALOT OF ENERGY! I even feel good and happy and not tired. HOWEVER, my fasting blood sugar is going back up and now my hour after meal blood sugar is going up 😦 I’m not sure if my body is stabilizing out with what I’m eating and just going back up, I just don’t understand. BUT IM STICKING TO IT! Maybe I am just more sensitive in the morning … and if I’m being being honest with myself I had a few sips of Brendons coffee with half & half so maybe it just has to much sugar? I also had a low caffeine tea my self but without anything in it.

So I’m back to having to really watch and pay attention to my levels. It’s not fun but baby is worth it and so is my health. I think if I can start to really focus on my intake then I can control this. So wish me luck, and if you’ve dealt with GD let me know in the comments below especially if you have any suggestions for me on how to stay low.

Oh I found this amazing article about vinegar lowering blood sugar so I’m going to try that too, 1/2 tablespoons before my meals and at bedtime. apple cider vinegar and red wine vinegar are all included as good choices.

Talk soon 🙂 XO Rachel

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