Mothers Day and my baby is 1month!!

Hi mamas & friends I hope all you mamas had a good mothers day!

WOW! ONE MONTH & MY FIRST MOTHERS DAY! I never thought this day would come! We’ve passed the 72 hour no sleep phase, the 2 week breast feeding curve, the 3 week cluster feeding growth spurts and I feel back to normal-ok who am I kidding I feel ADJUSTED. When were going through it, it seems like every second drags on but then just when you think you can’t take anymore it eases up.

She starts to sleep longer during the night, she takes naps during the day and you adjust to breast feeding – no more sore nipples.

It feels like yesterday Adora was born but it also feels like we’ve had her here forever. My friend Brittany told me when I was pregnant that my hubby and I will wonder what our lives were like before her, she said we will ask ourselves what did we do before her. It’s so true what did we do before baby? What did we do with our time, with our sleep, who were we before Adora came into our lives? The answer seems to not even matter now because we have her and she brightens our lives. The silly petty things of life don’t even matter anymore.


Honestly, we spend our time just staring at our baby 24/7. Ever little move and every little coo we jump over. She just started smiling and my heart melted. Our phones and cameras are filled with pictures of her just sitting there or just sleeping. We think all day what does she need should we let her sleep, should we entertain her, put her in the baby gym?

Even our puppy Benz has changed since she came into our lives. He won’t leave my or Adora’s side. He won’t even go out more with Dad because he feels like he needs to be with Adora all the time. We gave Adora her first bath in the baby tub and she was screaming she did not like it at all, Benz came over to us at the tub and started whining and acted like he was saying “why can’t you guys take care of her, I don’t want my new sister crying”. It’s pretty cute when your puppy even wonders what he did with his little puppy life before her.

Every time we look at her we can’t help but smile. We can’t help but think how lucky we are that this beautiful, precious, innocent little baby girl dropped from heaven into our lives.

We say that no matter what, when were tired or cranky or upset we just look at her and everything in the world is ok.

When I am exhausted, because well a month of not sleeping on a normal schedule, and sleeping on my side with boobs out and ready to nurse, I just look at that adorable smile and hold her and its ok. I think I don’t need sleep. I don’t need to do all these extra time fillers or activities to take up my time, I have my family and thats the most important special thing in the world. My little, young, new, growing family is starting to feel complete. When you have a family they say your life changes and that you can’t understand until you have babies, it’s true! You don’t understand until you have that baby that needs you so much and loves you so deeply, when they look at you like your their whole world. You are their whole world and even just having you close to them makes their little heart happy, Its so pure.

So one month wow! Talk about don’t blink! It goes by so fast and it’s only been a month, I can’t imagine how quick this will feel in a few months. Everyone says treasure every minute because you can never go back and the older she does get the more I notice that truth, and it’s only been a month!

We learn more about our babies every day. We learn their faces, we learn their schedules, we learn their potty routines. We’re starting to learn about what each cry means and that cute little guppy face when they are ready eat, UGH, that guppy face or woodpecker as Brendon refers to (it’s called rooting), It melts my heart. When she cries and I pick her up and she makes that face and starts “wood pecking at my chest” hahah its pretty special and we will never forget that memory. We won’t forget any of these moments and the fact that we are the ones that are responsible for teaching them everything about the world. It is a special gift they give to us that every mom knows and a special thing they teach us about our world.

7 thoughts on “Mothers Day and my baby is 1month!!

  1. Loved reading this. My kids are 7 and 3 now. It brings me back to those precious moments when they were still newborns. The rooting especially 🙂 I miss it. No lie it goes by fast…and seems like it just keeps going faster and faster. Thank you for helping me to relive those precious moments through your new experiences.


  2. Glad you’re treasuring this special time. A wise person once said, “The days are long, but the years are short.”


  3. Hi I am a big fan of u n Brendon ,your daughter is beautiful… She looks like she is gonna be tall like Brendan I seen her pretty long legs in the pic .ii am so happy that u guys are finally a family.there should be all stars big brother amazing race .couples like you n ur sister would make a great team..pass it on to CBS…or it could 5 couples from big brother n 5 teams of survivor couples that would make a great show…congratulations on you new family I wish you all the love n happiness in the world …
    Take care
    Lisa Jacobs


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