Hey mamas, lets start by talking about how adorable the above photos are. I found them online and had to share, it’s baby wearing around the world.

I cant speak enough about how much I LOVE TO WEAR MY BABY! Ill take any carrier or sling right now that she fits in and wear her all the time. Honestly, I have become obsessed with it. There are so many reasons why its amazing and why you moms out there who are stuck on strollers should try it.

Baby Wearing promotes bonding

This may be the #1 reason for me on why I want to wear my baby. Your baby is kept close to you, warm next to your skin or shirt and can smell you. It promotes trust and attachment. Also according to numerous pro-baby wearing sites it makes baby more secure leading to feeling more secure later in life.

Your hands are free

Your hands free, need I say more. From the tired mama who’s been dealing with cluster feeding (hello me) to the mama who has other babies to care for (I don’t know about this one yet) you have free hands you can use. You can actually do stuff while wearing your baby. Think about all the extra things you can do while your hands free! For me its been my zen and a dream!

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 3.03.06 PM

You can nurse while baby wearing

With your hands free to do whatever you need and your baby in a sling you can actually nurse on the go! You can walk and nurse, you can multi task and nurse, you can cook, clean do whatever you need while nursing when wearing your baby. Most carriers are even discrete enough so no one would even know your nursing your baby, you can pop out a boob and no one will judge you. For me this makes my life not only easy but when your dealing with cluster feeding and you just cant handle being couch locked you can take your baby on the go while giving her whatever she needs.

Sooth your baby

My little one gets hiccups when she is kept laying down or in a swing. However, when I put her in her carrier she burps and then doesn’t have hiccups anymore. I don’t think this is a coincidence. She also LOVES the motion of the baby carrier and walking, the bounce and the fresh air put her right to sleep. Literally if she is crying I will put her in her carrier and go out and walk within 2 minutes she stops crying and is happy. This is also my go to for when I want her to take a nap. I think some babies like constant movement and I was super active when she was in the womb so I assume this reminds her of being in the womb. Also apparently research shows that carried babies cry 40-50% less!

Keep away the germs

Carrying your baby will not only help to keep them healthier but it will help to discourage people from touching baby. Carried babies are less likely to have strangers touch them and also less likely to touch strange things! Which means your more likely to be a happy mama. Seriously though, when your baby is being carried close to your body people are less likely to approach you and try to touch your lil angel. Also when you are out and about you can worry less about coughs and stranger sicknesses.

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 3.02.31 PM

Long story short mamas theres a million reasons to wear your little one. I actually don’t know why mamas everywhere aren’t doing it all the time. Don’t worry about doing the baby wearing thing right all the time, I have had my fail moments especially with a popular wrap, names not to be mentioned, starts with a M ends with a lot of confusion! So I use it in my own way. I love my Ergo Baby so much it was a baby shower gift I literally can’t rave enough about it. One of my girl friends loves her Honest wrap more then anything and she’s a NY active new mama. I walk around my LA neighborhood a lot since Adora hates her car seat and the Ergo has a pocket for an extra diaper, wipes on the go, hand sanitizer, my money, keys and phone. The ergo is super sturdy and you feel safe with your baby and it’s comfortable for mama, and it has a sun shade which doubles as a people shade too. The wrap is good for wrapping around the house and nursing. I also have the Pumpkin pouch which is good for nursing while sitting or lounging but not for walking. The infantino swift is great for a quick trip since its so light weight and you can stuff it into your diaper bag and use it when your out and about but its not good for long days or trips since it doesn’t provide amazing support for you or the little angel. They however, offer various carriers for all your needs.  I also use the swift like a swing when nursing or a seat when she’s sitting on me.

Good Luck with your new little ones and share your baby wearing stories, secrets and favorite ways with me so I can try them also! 

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