Adoras First Audtion!


Adora has gone to her FIRST baby audition. I know what your thinking either Rachel is “pimping out her first born becoming a stage mom” or “going for it lady make that green for Adora.”

Well when weighing the pros and cons of putting your baby into the entertainment crazy remember your the mama or care giver of this little one and no one can judge you for making choices for them. You’re doing the best you can and you’re doing a good job!

We decided why not get Adora into what she can do now if she seems like she’s enjoying it and not crying and ok meeting other people. We can start to save for a college fund for her future while she’s young so she doesn’t have to worry as much later. In California they require all working child actors to have a coogan account. You as their guardian can put as much in as you want but you have to put at least %15 into the account which is sealed until they child is 18. This is a great way to start saving for your little. You also have to get a work permit and don’t worry there are very strict laws in place for children in the industry. So walking into this knowing it’s safe and she won’t be over worked we decided this was something we wanted to pursue.

Adoras first audition made me super nervous. We found out the day before she had been requested for the audition. We let her agent know we were interested in attending the audition and we got all the information. I didn’t know what we needed to prepare or bring with us so I asked her agent and for this baby audition they just wanted to see baby’s personality and looks in person. We were told to wear an outfit that most looks like a new born so we picked a laylette and packed the diaper bag for the next day.


I told Adora some new people wanted to meet her because they think she’s special. I let her know this whole thing would be alot of fun meeting new people and that just like ice cream sometimes people want tart and sometimes they want berry.

Morning of the audition we didn’t really need to bring anything with us, sometimes they request a recent 5×7 with information attached but not for this audition. We gave Adora a bath so she would be relaxed and fresh for meeting other people. I told Adora some new people wanted to meet her because they think she’s special. I let her know this whole thing would be alot of fun meeting new people and that just like frozen yogurt sometimes people want tart and sometimes they want berry. I’m sure she didn’t understand but I want to keep perfecting that speech if we keep going to auditions. We arrived at the location 15 minutes before our audition, I tried to get there 30minutes before but it was hard with a 2month old. We found the desk for check in and sat down to nurse before the audition. Some moms there told us to keep her belly full, keep her happy and alert, and with a clean diaper and outfit. They had been to a few auditions and had older babies so I assume they know what they are talking about. The auditions move really fast once they start, literally less then 3minutes per baby. We were called walked in and were asked a few questions about Adoras personality and nap schedule(as if she has one). So I told them she was a champ at the 30minute naps and 2 hour sleep cycles. They laughed and we were done. Just a few photos, a few short answers from mom on camera and keeping focus on camera with baby as long as possible.


We don’t know if we got a call back yet, I don’t think the audition knew what they were looking for. We were one of the only girls there. They had babies of all ages and types, Adora was probably the youngest baby there.  So we will see, it was a fun experience super quick in and out and we will go along with our lives! I think this is the best way to handle it, entertainment is fun but you have to live your life and if you get a project or two save some money and have some fun, if you become super successful enjoy the journey.  For now we’ll keep ya posted on what happens.

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