camping with infants


Like I always say- there really is something magical about getting away, being outdoors it makes us realize how amazing the world really is. It couldn’t be more true then when you share the experience with your new baby.

Their eyes light up! The smells the light, the different feels and sensations! You can’t create it in a baby toy its real raw and theres just something about the way they experience it that makes you re-experience it and really appreciate it.

Camping is one of our favorite activities as a family since we get to share the experience with our dog and now our new lil’ angel. We were set to go camping at Big Sur for the 4th this year and we chickened out since it gets down in the 60s in the evenings and Adora was only 3months at the time. I think we would have been ok! But this isn’t about missing that trip its about actually going on one!

Things to remember when you have baby along-

SUN -Theres no house cave but a tent and that gets hot plus your out exploring all day

WEATHER -If its super hot you have to keep your LO cool, if its cold you have to keep them warm

BUGS -Theres nothing worse then an ant bite or a spider bite YIKES! And mosquitos I shutter thinking about them


You want this to be a fun experience that you enjoy and create memories and experiences you can continue as they grow up.


Sun is one of the harder things to think about when out and about. Since sunscreen isn’t recommended by your babies Dr. I talked to ours and he said if we do it use mineral sunscreen and a little is better then a sunburn! SUN IS HARSH IN CA with that being said I got an amazing hat iPlay sunhat and I really like how it protects her face and neck. The sunglasses look cute but LETS BE REAL Adora took them off as soon as I put them on. She has her own tent I found on amazon and my friend Brian got us for the baby shower, the brand is KiloFly. We like it because it has mesh so it also protects from insects, but we wish that there was a larger top screen because its hard to maneuver with the sun shading all of her. The biggest thing I can recommend is a sun suit or sun shirt Adora has one that is up to SPF 50.

I also carry an umbrella with me for sun protection everywhere I go!



Weather is tough to control but you always have to be prepared. Brendon checks online first but we come prepared and always bring a rainfly because you never know. The tent is amazing but it does get warm during the hot sun so best to set up under a tree. In the hot summer months in CA we need to be on the look out for Adora getting to hot or dehydrated.

Signs of heat exposure include:

fewer tears when crying: fewer wet diapers: more fussy but refusal to take bottles or breast: Dry mouth: sunken spots — Heres a great site with more information—

When you camp your outside all day and maybe hiking or exploring it’s important to remember to offer your baby the bottle or breast even more often then usual to prevent dehydration. We also try to carry wet(cold if possible) cloths for her head and feet. At the lake it was easy to cool off in the water and not worry as much about getting to hot so we try to stick to hikes in the shade, near water, with a breeze, or on a cooler day.

When its cold remember that most of your heat is lost from your head so be prepared to keep your LO warm by using layers! Even if its hot during the day it can cool off at night so be prepared for anything. Adoras lake outfits are much different then her nighttime outfits. Also shown is her sun dress and the kilo fly.


Something that can ruin any out door experience is a bad bite. Spiders, ants, mosquitos, and numerous other pests all live outside. Not to mention snakes and scorpions. You want to stay clear of large rocks and sunny paths for the bad guys where they like to escape the heat or sun. However, for bugs its a little more difficult to be on the look out. Most bad spiders don’t hang out in the open where people are. Black widows, brown recluse and hobo spiders really don’t like to be bothered but you can still run into them so be on the look out parents. Other spider bites in the US don’t require medical attention. Other bugs are just not fun but check out this affordable natural bug spray you can make at home.


Breast fed babies are easy and its super relaxing and fun to breast feed outdoors. You don’t have to worry about people watching or covering up, just you baby and the outdoors! You can hike and feed or just relax and feed either way just remember to stay hydrated yourself. Bottle babies just require more preparation. You can prefill a bottle or two at home where its likely cleaner. You can also use ziplock baggies and portion out formula. Whatever works for you is best for baby just bring an extra water bottle that is only used for baby.

Clean Clothes : Diapers

When out for long periods of time its best to have a change of clothing, this is true for outdoors too. Baby is going to get dirty and your going to get sweaty and that sweat is going to end up on your LO. Bringing extra clothes for nighttime and day time! You may not be around running water at a campsite or on your hike so bring clean clothes and clean diapers. I recommend big ziplock baggies for diapers trash and also for keeping things clean so grab a pack from the dollar store before you head out. Don’t worry if there a bit of dirt on something or if your baby eats some its going to be ok, we did and it made us stronger.


The easiest thing but some parents find it to be the hardest. Adora still sleeps in bed with us, I’m not going to lie we bed share. I have never rolled on her or been worried about it. She’s getting bigger daily so the only things I worry about are her kicks in the middle of the night they pack a punch! So when sleeping somewhere thats not our CA-king bed I just am cautious that we won’t be somewhere she could roll into danger i.e. a pillow on her head or sleeping bag covering her and that we won’t have her rolling into a rock or something sharp. When you camp you have your tent on top of a tarp and a tarp inside your tent, usually you then add a base layer of blow up whatever or sleeping bags to sleep on top of. So they won’t really be sleeping on rocks or rolling into rocks. Sleeping bags are made to keep you warm and have lots of cushion that moves, so maybe think about laying something on top of your sleeping bag if your worried or laying your sleeping bag all the way out. If its really cold at night you can use a halo wrap with layers underneath, you can also buy baby cold suits so you don’t have to put a blanket on top of your baby. I’ve read parents all do it differently but I keep reading over and over about parents using layers! This is probably the best idea because they can come off or go on easily.



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