FUN BABY SILLY PLAY ART – bonus you get cool pics & videos!

As you guys all know I’m the mama on the go! I don’t like to sit inside with baby all day, plus Adora LOVES going out. Adora loves to hike, camp, go to museums, science centers, the lake, park and more… I’m glad that she hasn’t discovered shopping yet!!!! 

So a few of our favorite things to do is create art work. Tiger mom says she’s a budding Picasso!

For this activity you will need:

White Onesie & White Wrap

Poster Board Kit with Clear top

Homemade Finger Paint or non-Toxic (the homemade stuff is super easy)

Full size cork board for finished project 24 x 36

24 x 36 sheet of acyclic sheet  for DIY framing

adhesive strips and nails and glue


Adora LOVED this project since she got to be held and messy and entertained all at the same time. Sensory overload.

To set up this project we recommend setting up your art blanket under the poster board. Don’t forget water and towels. I had to run back inside to grab these to clean up while we were painting. Set your colors to the side and talk about color with your LO, bonus if you call out colors in another language! You can kind of just let your little one go crazy now with the colors, pick them up slide them around, let them get their onesie extra messy so you have better color mixing on the white onesie and wrap. You can take as long or as little as your LO wants with this project. If you don’t DIY your finger paints no worries were busy mamas and it makes clean up easier. 

Next step is to use the letters to put their names and date on the project. Or whatever you can imagine. I also added a photo to capture the moment. Then put your cling sheet on your poster board to seal the finger paint art. Here comes the fun mom art part. Use adhesive strips on the back of the poster board, I used 3m because they were at the 99cent store. Nail the onesie and the wrap to the opposite side of the poster board. Now glue the acrylic sheet to the top of the wooden cork frame to seal the whole project and make it hangable ready. YAY! My final goal is to attach a video screen onto the project to make it interactive art, but thats totally just reaching!


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