Poo on the plane – Theres a POO on the M* Plane


So this blog is for all you world travler mamas, and those of you that have had or will have a stinky monkey so bad Samuel L Jackson would say “eurrrybody strap in I’m about to open a window!” You know that you want to take advantage of the free or low cost travel before age two, sorry normal plane dwellers, I’m a mom now and you have to deal. So you have all these new worries and issues with infant and baby travel. You know what I’m saying ladies…. Well you have worked so hard to get this little munchie to have a good plane ride. You wear the boob top, you know the best top for breast feeding. You have the ear muffs for ear protection, the emergency bottle ready, the books, you have the back up burpie cloth, the toys – you basically look like a baby store. You’re babies-r-us express on a plane. You have fed, changed and literally burped a million times. Your layover was a quick trip to diapie changie land in a normal clean restroom and you feel prepared; you first rate travler mama.

Than you literally get onto the smallest plane possible allowed on a commercial jet and there you have it. The little stinker mun chi chi looks guilty and is oddly quiet. Next thing you know the entire plane is the stinkiest thing you have ever smelt and you know shoot theres a poo on the plane. You secretly freak out thinking ok this flight is what an hour … they can probably handle a dirty diapie an hour right? No mama they cant 😦 sadly we all know they cant. The entire plane knows whats going down. So you go into prepared mom mode! If your like us you brought bio-degradable disposable, organic changing pads(hi I’m a first mom) and you think I so have this. Then the flight attendant mentions theres no changing table on the plane… Excuse me?! no table what is this 1950! OK! Cool mama I can handle this we’re used to back seat car changing. Just not small crowded plane changing.

Mom have no fear this too is dooable for us super moms! Grab the wipes. Grab the clean diaper. Grab the disposable changing pad and the changing pad. Brace yourself and get ready for a plane changing. If your lucky theres no one in your row, if your not your doing an emergency lap change. My LO is 5months so we can lap change. Songs come in handy so do crazy silly faces ladies any face any noise you can make right about now.

Of course its a big blowout so you have to really focus. No worries however because you got this. Once the diaper blow out is handled use your nifty poop bags, yes the same ones for your dog, and place diaper and wipes in poop bag. If you had an extra special surprise then use two poop bags, if needed ask flight attendant for airline or barf bags. “Airline Sickness” bags also work if you forgot doggie bags.

Things that made my flight diapy change easier:

disposable changing pads (for use under your changing pad) or puppy pads for the thrifty mama

extra diapers (you cant have enough)

extra wipes

disposable poop bags like the ones you use for your dog

toys that make noise

silly faces and songs

Don’t worry about “germs” because they probably make your babies immune system stronger. Just take a deep breath – Good luck mamas may the force be with you 🙂


2 thoughts on “Poo on the plane – Theres a POO on the M* Plane

  1. Rachel, Way to go! I knew there was a reason I GREW to absolutely adore you and rate you Big Brother’s all time greatest! (Dan, Will, Boogie- dream on!) I am a Flt Attendant and I don’t think I have ever seen a more prepared Mommy. Your stinky monkey is lucky to have, not only the greatest Big
    Brother player of all times, but the greatest Mommy of all times! You and your stinky monkey are welcome on American Airlines where our smallest planes feel like jumbo jets with the outstanding service you receive! Much love and many blessings to your beautiful family Rachel. Nancy C


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