So reading the title of this you’re probably thinking when did she take a SM & Blog break? Well we did!

To be honest it was the MOST AMAZING thing we have done in a while!

In life we don’t get time back. We can always make more money, write more blogs, twitter will always be there and no one will even notice if you’re not on. One thing we can NEVER get back is time. Adora and I love to share photos and videos and just our lives in general with everyone. Yes, Adora loves to pose for photos and she literally lights up when we do photo shoots so yes she likes to share also. Then we started getting mommy shamed and baby shamed. I think I am a damn good mom, I take Adora all around, I teach her two languages and we play in a third, we do gym time and playground time and story book hour, I take her to music class and we play with instruments, we do art work and learn about the world, and most importantly I love her so much and do everything I can to make her life amazing. 🙂 Every mom is different so why judge me and my LO for doing to much???? UM yes you judgy mom I’m talking about you! Then I even had a mom tell me my baby had something wrong with them and that was the breaking point, you NON DOCTOR judgy mom from the internet don’t tell me that my baby has a problem. I told Brendon and he told me to ignore the haters like so many times before.

I thought WHY SHOULD I IGNORE THE HATERS? WHY SHOULD I EVEN SHARE ANYTHING?? Then I did it— I TOOK A SOCIAL MEDIA BREAK! I don’t know if anyone noticed or cared but it felt amazing. I stopped caring what other people thought of me at all. I stopped having to snap photos for posting and worrying about looking like the perfect instagram pic- I stopped worrying about good lighting and photo shop and Adora and I just lived! There were times when I wanted to share, Halloween, Dia de los muertos and other cute times, and I thought wait do I just want to share these moments to show off or am I even trying to connect anymore?

When did social media become some weird business anyway? Where we post photos just so we can get someone to give us free stuff or pay us a little bit of money? We want to make money also but thats not what this was supposed to be about! Why do I have to post on social media to feel like I am even living life? As if Adora and I are doing something that we have to show off so our feeds will look awesome. It took Kim K being held at gun point to take a social media break and Chrissy T just recently made her twitter private because of this so I’m not the only mom feeling like this.

We want to live in the moment we decided to actually LIVE. Theres something freeing about not worrying about your next post or obsessing about if your going to have someone want to work with you. After just taking time to ‘Get a life’ and ‘enjoy my life’ it actually has become more enjoyable to use social media for what it was created for – connecting with people, and we’ve finally given up on caring how many posts we make or how many likes we get we actually are back to enjoying posting and sharing! And friends If I get back into my crazy antics again please call me out heheh 🙂 XO Rachel

4 thoughts on “SOCIAL MEDIA & BLOG BREAK

  1. I have often fantasized how I would “deal”, if I were in the public eye 24/7. I deduced that I would hate it 75%, love it 25%. Thats not enough for a peaceful life. I think privacy is crucial to good mental health. Having said that, I look forward to every new post/pic u make. I pray that u and ur wonderful family find a good balance.


  2. There are too many judgmental, snarky, think they know it all ‘stalkers’ that follow high profile people like you. They are just chomping at the bit waiting to catch you doing something they deem as wrong. I know it must be hard to ignore them and just let it roll off your back, but don’t let them steal your joy! Your daughter is beautiful!


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