Napa Valley with babies! Yes its a thing

img_4129So when you think of Napa you probably think of wine, wineries and adult disney land of some sorts.

I bet you didn’t think that Napa Valley was actually really baby and pet friendly. 

Our family recently stayed in Napa Valley and we all had a blast, and we had three babies, yes 3 babies with us. Adora the oldest at 8months, Forester at 3 months and Slater at only 2months. You may think that we just stayed in the house or just laid low but we actually got out and about ALOT and had a lot fun. Of course you will need to bring some bottles and plan ahead if you want to sample wine, but it’s worth it. Napa Valley is beautiful, the people are friendly and its full of culture and activities.


What you will want to bring: Bottles & food for baby everywhere – and if you bring your furry baby bring extra food/snacks and a travel bowl some places provide dog bowls. Bring snacks for yourself a lot of places don’t have food. Bring extra diapers and wipes and disposable changing pads, we changed a lot of diapers outside on the grass or on a table in the bathrooms. Bring a baby carrier even though Napa is baby friendly its a lot easier to navigate if you aren’t strapped down to a stroller this even goes for the small town streets.

Start with something to break the family in. We went on a private wine tour to break in Napa and that was perfect, they knew we had our babies so they even prepared for that with us. We went on a walk through the vineyards, we learned about the valley and about the vineyard even about the grapes, and we had a wine tasting outside in the sun where it was warmer and there were also plenty of shady trees. Our tour guide had set it all up for us to enjoy the day and get the most out of the tour. They even had extra water for us.


We learned this was the best way to do the wineries with three babies. If you can do a private tour and tasting we recommend it.

We went to a few public wineries and had fun but they can get over crowded. However, if you call ahead and make an appointment you can get reserved seating. You should expect to pay around 25-30$ a person for a tasting and 20% tip on top of your total bill. Some wineries have deals where if you buy a bottle the tasting is included. We really liked Mumm Napa because they have an art gallery, beautiful grounds and generous pours. Plus you can’t go wrong with Mumm!

Another fun outing we really enjoyed was the Napa Valley VINE trail. Its a newer bike path so if you have been in the past you may have missed it. We recommend bringing your own bikes and also baby carrier but you can rent them for 45$ per bike per day and 29$ per bike trailer per day at napa bike tours – or take a tour bikes included and wineries for around 100$ per person.  We brought our bikes up and we started the trail in Yountville, you can bike around the town, around the famous French Laundry see the sites then hit the trail. We started the trail where Chandon winery is. We biked to Laird family wineries about 4miles down the trail and had a picnic and did a tasting. We started a little late in the afternoon so we recommend starting around 11am so you have a full day and can do more of the vine trail. Also pack a lunch, snacks and water. There are stops along the trail to sit and enjoy, to do tastings, and also to hike, they also have charging stations with air for your bike. If you feel adventurous there are also wineries you can off road through on your bike. There are also paths that go along the silverado trail road but we felt that it was safer for us to take the paved bike trail that was made JUST for bikers and pedestrians no cars allowed.

As you know our family LOVES to hike and get outdoors. Another fun Napa escape is the Napa Valley Booth State park. It feels like your walking through a fairy tale. The trails are an easy hike and good for exercise and just escaping into the wilderness. Attached to the park is the historic Mill which is also a really fun stop and teaches you a lot about the valley and agriculture. If your on a budget they have cabins for rent and heated yurts or in the summer you can tent camp. You can enjoy napa camp and take the vine trail throughout the valley!

So we would definitely say YES Bring the Babies and the Fur babies too! 🙂 We did and we couldn’t have had a better holiday 🙂

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