What I REALLY needed in my hospital bag…

If you were like me you read EVERY post on what you needed in your hospital bag… you pinned like 30 different things so you would remember what you needed and you watched 20 different youtube videos about what to pack.


For me I literally used like 5 things. We were only in the hospital like 32hours after birth, but I didn’t need a lot. I used my nursing bra, I had a pair of thigh high socks for comfort and warmth, I used my nursing cape for when guests came over, I wore my mama-strut which has shorts(and its an amazing way to help pull everything back together), and I used my 2changes of underwear. (obvi)  I used my toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, soap & face wash, face moisturizer, etc… And I used the ice pack pads that the hospital gave me and a few pairs of their disposable underwear. I had a cute black dress and my boots for leaving the hospital and a nursing scarf. That was all I needed personally.

I didn’t need to bring extra maxi-pads, the hospital has plenty and they offer you the ice pack ones. I didn’t read the book I brought but I did glance at the magazine my sister in law brought me in the hospital. I didn’t use slippers, I wore my socks and didn’t leave the room(new moms I doubt you will leave the room). I didn’t need my own fancy hospital gown, when your in labor you don’t even care if your naked who sees you or what you have covering you. I didn’t use a robe, but I do know some moms LOVE to have robes just to cover up. I didn’t need a labor ball to squeeze but I did use an empty bottle of lotion to squeeze. I didn’t use the yoga pants, or pajamas, or the change of clothes I brought.

I also packed a bag for my daughter. In her bag I packed an infant boppy for nursing, a warm onesies for her first night (even though we didn’t need it the hospital gives you a beanie, a sweater, a onesie, blankets to borrow, burp cloths, diapers, wipes, disposable changing pads, nasal aspirator, thermometer, and a few other things). I brought an outfit to take her home in and a warm blanket for her first car ride in the car seat. I had her diaper bag packed in the car and ready to go but we didn’t use a thing in it. The hospital said no pacifiers until my milk came in and they provided mostly everything else we needed.

There were just a few things I wish I had packed. My number 1 was snacks the hospital feeds you but only 3 meals a day and you order them at random times, I forgot to order 2 meals because I was so tried. The hospital has a cafeteria and snack store but moms you won’t leave the room. My hospital had a drink room in the hall with juice, milk, sodas, water, coffee, teas, and other items. I wish I had remembered to bring a blanket for her or a swaddle cloth to bring home to our dog. I doubt you will do any make up but if you want to bring a makeup bag you can. Look I’m all about being cute too I curled my hair for my daughters birth and put on makeup for her, but when I didn’t sleep 24 hours of labor and a day later after birth I didn’t care if I had make up on or not. After I took a shower I did however put on mascara and some lip gloss and try to look less tired!