MY NATURAL 24HOUR BIRTH! bounce back & only one side tear!

Yes you can-2.jpg

I want to start this post by saying stating that Brendon and I DID NOT GO to any birthing classes. In part because I didn’t want to poison my brain on how hard it would be. In part because I wanted to experience this the first time when I was in the delivery room. My entire pregnancy I told myself that labor would be easy and I told myself that no matter what the end goal was our baby and we didn’t want to put pressure on myself and Brendon was open to whatever I needed in the moments of labor. I kept telling everyone I met Im not worried about it I think she’ll be like 3 pushes and come out and it won’t even hurt.

I did watch a few youtube videos on labor but nothing that talked about pain and nothing that mentioned any hard labor or difficult labor or labor pains etc. as soon as it did I turned the video off.

Bottom line I wanted to go into labor with an open mind and no expectations! 

The day we went into labor, yes ladies I said WE, sorry but Brendon was just as big a part of this as I was. No he didn’t push or feel the burn but he was by my side the entire time he didn’t sleep and he had to help me work through each contraction to have the mental ability to do this. I am so blessed to have him and he showed me again how much of a man and a partner he really is! I have a new respect for him.

Well the day we went into labor I felt like I was going to have baby today. I just knew. My contractions were close and painful. My body was slow, tired, and felt heavy, I actually felt like I was dragging the entire morning. I started bad contractions at 5am. I had a doctors appointment and an appointment for another NST in the afternoon, Brendons mom and my sister and mom were on their way to come out for the birth and to help. This was going to happen today, I was so excited even through the pain, I think so excited that the nurses all thought I was a bit crazy and that there was no way I was going to have baby today. They all told me I was calm, excited, smiling, beaming, and seemed like I wasn’t even going to have a baby. I knew she was coming, mothers intuition. I had my appointments and was dilated 3cm! YAHOO! My OB told me I was going to have the baby that night she told me we could stay and go to labor and delivery or go home and rest and try to take my mind off of everything. So living a mile from the hospital I decided to go home and wait it out. I couldn’t rest, between contractions and excitement I couldn’t even lay my head down. I was REALLY tired but then a contraction would come and it was painful so I worked my little energy into breathing with the contractions and Brendon would literally rub and squeeze my feet every contraction. This was amazing make your partner do this! TRUST ME LADIES! The hours past and when I started to REALLY feel contractions I went back to L&D I was dilated to 4cm UGH but baby was low and my water bag was tight. This was around 8pm and I was just ready to start everything, I was in pain and nervous now and anxious to meet my baby. The OB on call said I could stay or go home again but I wanted to be at home where I was more comfortable at least for a few hours. 9:30pm OUCH! still hanging on. To cope with these contractions we used a heating pad, Brendons rubbing of my feet, yoga breathing (deep breaths in and out), positive thinking and coaching from Brendon (examples: just think your going to have baby after this) and just pushing through. We then watched the American Idol finale so that helped distract me. 10:30 unbearable contractions, Brendon and I jump into the warm shower and I take 2 Tylenol. This helps temporally, he tries to set up a bath for me but this just didn’t help, I got to hot and felt awful, I couldn’t relax so I went down to bed to try to rest a bit, I swear I heard a pop(it probably was in my head) but I told him we had to go back to the hospital at 12. We arrive in the ER and they send us up to L&D. I am dilated 9cm! HECK YES BABY IS COMING! We also had just passed the most crucial parts of dilation from 7-9cm so now its smoother sailing, or so I thought. Once we were sent to a room it started, going from 9-10cm dilation  and this lasted hours or so it felt, the contractions at this point were really hard but with the help of our nurse April who I swear is the contraction whisper and Brendon I would inhale and blow the contraction out. Brendon held my hips at every contraction and this also helped. I was on my knees holding onto a bed and squeezing an empty lotion bottle though the contractions, I listened to relaxing music, April brought lavender essential oil to me and we worked through all the contractions.  I actually didn’t mind them, everyone was joking with me about how well I was doing and how easy I made labor seem. Finally my water broke and the pushes started up. Yes, people contractions are NOTHING compared to when you actually have to push.

This is me pre-hospital room dilated about 9cm! I don’t look very happy

Take note again contractions are nothing compared with when you have to push. So I started the pushing around 5:30am. This was intense! It happened without me trying my body was just pushing my baby girl wanted out of womb. So we started with the pushing I tried hands and knees, I tried my original birthing plan of squatting and letting gravity do its thing but I just didn’t know how to push, I was trying to relax into these pushes and it wasn’t helping. I tried one leg up one leg down, that was a disaster. So I tried facing the wall on my knees and I couldn’t get a push out. So we had to go on my back with my legs up, the nurse grabbed one leg and Brendon grabbed the other leg and coached me through the pushes. I was so tired, at this point, I just wanted this to be over. I had to literally give it everything I had at that second to push through these pushes. Finally I figured out how to push and my daughters head was crowning. Brendon said it was the most amazing thing he had seen. I however, was not having it, I sang I can do all things through Christ who strengths me in my head the entire time pushing. Out loud I kept telling everyone it burned and hurt and I needed a break but they told me to keep going. So I did finally, 2+hours into pushing out came my princess. I didn’t yell at my husband or cuss the entire time all I did was let out the 2 biggest screams of my life the pushes right before I gave birth and when my baby came out. My life will never be the same. Brendon and I cried. My mom, my sister and Brendons mom all cried. They were in the room while we were giving birth. I delivered my placenta, Brendon cut the cord, I had a minor tear on the side and we went skin to skin.

I never knew you could fall in love so quickly and that your heart would forever be changed. More on that in another post, but honestly just staring at my daughter has made me want to be a better person, it has made my heart so full I just look at how beautiful the world is and how blessed we are to have been given the gift of life. How something so small and innocent needs me so much for everything. She’s so beautiful and sweet I can’t express into a word that is big enough or pure enough for how much my heart feels toward her. I literally already did forget how painful birth was or how crazy my pregnancy was because I have my daughter. There are a million things I think of daily of whats next, but I put my faith in God that it will all work out. I just want to enjoy every little moment with her that we have because I know that they go by so quickly and before I know it she won’t even be a baby or a newborn. I started crying at Babies R Us because they have a keep sake box for her first little shoes, and her hospital band.

My final advice for a drug free natural birth is to have a strong partner. Maybe you need to take a class for your mental prep, maybe you need to have an epidural because you just can’t do it but don’t put expectations on your self. Have a strong partner with you who is just there to love and support you. Breathe through everything and tell yourself yes you can, because honesty you can do anything you put your mind to. Yes you can.jpg

Oh and mama is doing well too! Im ready to work out and resume normal activity! My tear is better and no bad constipation I didn’t even poo during labor. I don’t feel like I just gave birth, however, the no sleep baby up all night thing isn’t easy! Im drinking ALOT of water for my milk and my nipples are bleeding and cracked 😦 but thats ok! Coconut oil and mamas love have helped but OUCH bleeding scaby nipples are not fun at all, however, I will take them for the opportunity to breast feed.  I have been using amazing postpartum bands, I choose mama strut and I LOVE IT! Its comfy I started to wear it in the hospital the day of delivery and my squish is almost gone, bleeding is better and I feel like everything is getting back to normal. I also have been using all the fun baby carries and trying out all my baby items! Ill post more about that too! 🙂 In the hospital the only two things I wore were my mama strut(comes with shorts) and my nursing cape & nursing bra. At home I like to get dressed up for Brendon but have been lax lately because were so tired! Baby is sleeping about 2hours then she feeds then she sleeps and we change her.

26 thoughts on “MY NATURAL 24HOUR BIRTH! bounce back & only one side tear!

  1. Congratulations! It’s great that you went in with an open mind and took care of yourself and I commend you for managing to stick to your wish for a natural birth. You are a strong mama.


  2. I love this post! I love how real you are Rachel! Great job to all three of you, congratulations and I can’t wait to see pictures and learn her name.


  3. Thx for sharing. I’ve got to admit I was getting a little worried for you all when it went so long for follow-up after the initial “It’s time” post on Twitter but it makes sense now. Glad to hear all is well! Truly happy for you all.


  4. This story is awesome! You and Brandon were great.
    I’m a IBCLC or lactation consultant and you should try nipple soaks. Just warm water in something you can soak your nipples in without bending over too far to hurt your back and/or when you are soaking in the tub, cover your nipples in water or lay on each side for 5-10 mins. You can use antibiotic ointment with pain reliever without having to wash it off. Keeping your nipples open to the air can help and hydrogels can help, but can’t be used with anything like oil or ointment underneath. Open areas on your nipples can lead to a breast infection or mastitis.
    Congrats! You are a super Mama!


      1. Congratulations and may God watch over you and your family. Please keep us in touch. Pictures I need to see


  5. OOO….. I remember cracked nipples……….don’t miss that !! But all the rest I wouldn’t trade for anything! Labor is not quite as bad if you don’t fight it! Glad you got it done and done!!. These are the best days of your life enjoy!! And, Congratulations and welcome to the world Miss….Brenchel! 🙂 ❤


  6. Congratulations to both of you. I relived the birth of my son reading your post. Mine was a bit difficult too in that after 10 hours of labor the baby was coming down the birth canal and I was only 6 cm dilated and I had a very strong urge to push but the doctor warned me not to. It took almost 1 more hour to get to 9 cm. all the while trying to keep the baby in. I wish I had had a dilator whisperer! You are right when you said it is all worth it because there is no greater love you will ever know. Thank you for sharing your experience and enjoy your brand new blessing.


  7. Rachel the same thing happened to be with the sore nipples, But it is all worth it trust me doll! Hugs so excited to see pictures. Love You BB Prncss


  8. Congrats and mazel tov Rachel! I am due at the end of June and your strength and advice are inspiring! That said, you are an endurance comp champion so am not sure how I will compare during childbirth! Nice to hear nothing came between you and your natural child birth 🙂


  9. Congratulations on an all natural delivery. I tried three times for a natural childbirth unsuccessfully, then on my fourth and last, I was finally able to concore through the pain and did it. It was such a sign of relief and proved to myself that I could do anything…


  10. Thanks Rachael for sharing. I felt like I was there it made me cry. I know how awesome it is to experience birth it’s beautiful! Enjoy every second they grow so fast.


  11. Congrats!! You are a strong mama! Breastfeeding my firstborn was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Cracked and bleeding nipples, incorrect latch, it was so painful for the first 8 weeks! But I pushed through it with the help of a great lactation consultant and hydrogel pads. Those are seriously the best. And breastfeeding is TOTALLY worth all the pain. Keep it up!


  12. This is so Amazing!!! I had my first two natural but not my last one so I’ve had the best of both worlds…. You guys are still an awesome team and I love it. Congrats Brenchele and Happy “Birth”day sweet baby girl.


  13. Congrats Rachel. I may only be 19 and not Married and stuff yet but this can really help when it comes time for me to get married and have kids! I look forward to the pictures and again congrats!


  14. I also had natural child birth (twice). My labor wasn’t as long as yours because these were my third and fourth babies. I also didn’t go to any child birth classes.
    Going into child birth with a positive attitude and a strong understanding husband to help and lean on makes all the difference.
    I used to work on a mother baby floor and I would always tell my mom’s your best friend is your spritz bottle. Warm water makes the tear a little bearable and pat dry. Also you can try rubbing some of your milk on your nipples and letting it air dry to help with the cracks.
    Good luck on your new adventure. And just remember y’all are all learning together.
    This is hard to do but try to sleep when your princess sleeps. Have Brandon get the baby and change her before she eats it will give you a few extra minutes.


  15. Congratulations! Brings back alot of memories for me. I had my son natural and only pain medicine in an iv which just calmed my nerves didn’t help with the pain. Will use some of your advice if my daughter ever gets pregnant! We love you guys!!


  16. I will never forget when the milk comes in how full u feel. I sat in the shower with a hot wet rag on each breast. What a relief.. I nursed al three of my boys. Now 27,33 and 37. It is such a bonding experience for you both..


  17. Congratulations! What a great capture of a once in a lifetime experience. I too can remember lying in the bed watching my daughter sleep for hours and hours just marveling at it all. She’s 25 years old now so what they all say about it going by fast is beyond true. Savor everything that matters and don’t sweat anything else.

    I also thought it was wonderful how you said WE and acknowledged how important it was to have a strong partner. Don’t forget that when things get tough. Somehow I don’t think you will.

    BTW, I had similar breast issues the first time but I was determined to breast feed and then one day it just all worked perfectly. And if it’s any comfort the second time I was a pro and there was no discomfort at all. Breastfeeding was one of the best decisions I ever made.

    Congratulations again. That’s one lucky little girl. Thank you for sharing your personal journey. I look forward to reading your blog as this unique first year goes by.


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